3 Tips For A More Effective Pit Crew

When you are part of a pit crew and want to make sure that your driving team is well cared for, it is important that you apply the right guidelines. Your approach to how your pit crew is handled will dictate the success of your entire team. In order to make sure that you are getting what you need out of your racing team, take the time to read these strategies and apply the accordingly.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Vehicle's Starter Relay

Like its name would suggest, your car's starter relay is a part of the ignition system that directs power from your car's battery to the actual starter, allowing the engine to spark and begin to run. A damaged or failing starter relay can have a number of negative consequences for your vehicle, and so it's a good idea to understand what some of the warning signs associated with a failing starter relay are so that you can contact a mechanic to have the relay replaced before it turns into a real problem.

How To Change Rusty Brake Lines On Your Older Car

If you own an older car and recently noticed that its brake lines are rusted, then it is vital that you replace them. Both road salt and age will cause your car's brake lines to rust and if they rust all the way through, then your brakes will fail one day when you try to stop. Since a brake failure can cause a fatal accident, proactively replacing the brake lines is essential.

3 Features To Look For When Shopping For An Auto Sun Visor

The sun's glare is a danger on the road, as it can prevent you from being able to see road conditions clearly or even at all. In fact, a study conducted out of Nebraska found that there was at least one glare related collision every day from 2002 to 2009. While investing in polarized sunglasses and leaving more room between you and the driver in front can help reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident, investing in a quality auto sun visor is best.

Get More Boost For Your Buck: 4 Tips To Get More Power Out Of Your Stock Honda

You just bought the perfect Honda, and you're ready to go fast and furious on the highway. You might even have the JDM sticker in your window already. Before you hit the road to prove how fast your car is, you'll need to make some modifications. After all, you can't hit the road in a stock Honda and expect to win your first street race. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most boost for your buck: