The Use Of Impact Guns In The Automotive Industry

An impact wrench, also known as an impact gun, is a tool that makes the removal of lug nuts and other hardware simple. The motor in an impact gun causes the gun tip to rotate. The energy that is produced is released in strong bursts, loosening hardware.

Impact Tools

An impact tool is noted for its high torque output. Impact tools come in corded and cordless formats. Some impact tools are known as air tools. An air tool relies upon the use of an air compressor. An air tool needs to be connected to a hose ending. The opposite end of the hose needs to be connected to an air compressor tank.

Due to the minimal amount of exertion that an end user will need to expend while using an impact tool, a one-inch impact gun can be used to easily complete many automotive applications, including repairs and vehicular upgrades.

Bit Use

Bits are the tip extensions that are designed to be attached to an impact gun. As a gun is actively engaged, the tip will rotate. Tips are designed to secure hex, square, slotted, and Phillips fastener heads. A one-inch tip or another sized tip will be designed to fit right inside the recessed sections of a fastener head. After an end-user applies the tip to a fastener, they can engage a gun.

If an air compressor is going to be used to power up a tool, unrolling the hose that is attached to the tank and ensuring that there are no kinks in the hose will be essential. Air that is released from the compressor will be routed through the hose. Once the air reaches the air gun, the motor will become engaged when a tool operator presses the trigger on the impact tool. 

Portable Applications

If a corded or cordless one-inch impact gun will be used, electrical access will be essential. A corded model will need to remain plugged in while an impact gun is actively used. A cordless model will require the use of a charging device. While a cordless impact gun is being charged, the charging port will need to remain plugged in.

If an impact gun will be used outdoors and electrical access is not available, a cordless model's battery will need to be fully charged. An air gun can also be used for portable applications. A compressed air tank that is small in size can be used to power up an impact air gun. 

For more information about 1-inch electric impact guns, contact a local company.