Signs That The Fuel Injection System In Your Car May Need Repair

Modern fuel injection systems use a computer to control the flow of fuel to your engine. The fuel injection system parts include sensors and injectors that must work together to ensure the fuel to air ratio is correct, or the engine will not run properly. Diagnostics are often the best way to tell when something is not working correctly, but if the vehicle is not running correctly, you may notice drivability problems. 

Hard Starting

One common issue that you may notice if you have electronic fuel injection system issues is an engine that is hard to start. If you have a fuel injector underperforming or a limited fuel flow to the system, the engine may need to turn over longer than usual to get enough fuel to start. 

This situation is often caused by a fuel pump that is not working right or fuel injectors that are dirty and need to be cleaned. If an injector is damaged, you may need to replace one or multiple injectors in the system. Most auto parts stores carry fuel injection system parts, or your repair tech can get the parts for you when they do the work on the vehicle. 

Rough Idle Or Stalling

Another indication that the EFI system needs repair is rough idling when you are stopped or engine stalling at stoplights and intersections. Dirty fuel injectors or sensors that are not working correctly may misreport conditions, and the computer may not be able to correct the problem. 

Your repair tech may need to run a diagnostic check on each injector to determine if it is working correctly and replace faulty or damaged injectors with new ones. The engine management computer will show error codes when plugged into the diagnostic computer if there is a problem with the system, and in most cases, it can pinpoint which injectors are not working correctly.

Without having the diagnostics run, it is hard to determine where to start, and replacing all the injectors because you don't know which one is bad could be costly.

Excessive Fuel Usage

If you notice your car using more fuel than usual, you may want to take it in and have a repair tech check the EFI system. In rare cases, the electronic fuel injection system can force too much fuel through the system and burn more fuel than it should. This creates a rich condition in the engine, potentially causing damage or time if it is not repaired.

This situation is most common when a sensor in the system fails, and the computer thinks the engine needs additional fuel to operate correctly. Repairing it involves tracking down the faulty sensor and replacing it so that the engine management computer can adjust the fuel flow through the EFI system. 

For more information about fuel injection system parts, contact a local auto shop.