Blown Engine? What To Know About Replacing It With A Remanufactured Engine

The vehicle engines of today are designed to require less routine maintenance, yet run more efficiently than the gas guzzlers of decades past. Occasionally, however, an engine will fail while the remainder of the car is still in excellent shape.

When this happens, the vehicle owner must make a decision whether to take a loss on their investment and just purchase another car or to spend the money to make the necessary repairs. If you are currently in the position of owning a vehicle with a faulty engine and wondering what to do, the following information can help. 

Get a second opinion

Just like a serious medical issue concerning a family member, an expensive car repair issue should always have the benefit of a second professional opinion before any final decision is made. Doing this will help ensure that you have been given the correct diagnosis as well as offering you additional insight into the expected cost of repairs. 

Replace, instead of repair

Repairing a blown vehicle engine often means rebuilding it which can take many hours of expensive labor as well as new components and precision tools. Some estimates for rebuilding the engine of a typical passenger vehicle today can cost several thousands of dollars.

A faster, less expensive option can be to simply purchase a remanufactured engine that can installed in far less time than it would take to completely rebuild the original one. Because it will take far fewer hours of labor and will not require the separate purchase of replacement parts and components required for a rebuild. 

Crate versus salvage

When shopping for a remanufactured engine, consumers are likely to find ads directing them to available salvage engines, instead. Many salvage yards offer the engines from wrecked automobiles for sale. Some of these engines have already been removed from the wrecked car and stored by the auto salvage operator, while others are considered a "you-pick" item.

You-pick salvage dealers offer cheaper prices because the consumer must manually remove the engine from the wrecked auto. In addition to being inconvenient, most consumers today lack the mechanical knowledge to handle this type of automotive work. 

A more convenient option is to consider purchasing a "crate engine" which is one that has been remanufactured professionally to factory specifications. It arrives in a crate, ready for installation. Crate engines also usually include a longer warranty than a salvage engine. 

To learn more about obtaining and installing a remanufactured engine for your vehicle, contact a trusted local auto parts supplier in your area.