4 Ways Smart Technology Has Improved Modern Garage Doors

Garage doors were right up there with television sets as the ancestors of today's smart technology -- remote controlled garage doors came along at about the same time the television remote  control arrived on the scene. Televisions have changed dramatically since those days, and garage doors have not been left behind in the wake of the technological revolution. You probably already know that apps exist to allow you to open and close your garage door from your smartphone, making the old-school garage door remote control a relic of the past. However, garage door technology doesn't stop at simply opening and closing the door from a remote location. Follow are just four of the many ways that smart technology has transformed the garage door

Automatic Timers

Have you ever been halfway to work or school and been faced with a nagging feeling that you neglected to close your garage door in your hurry to be on the road? You could either choose to turn around and return home to check on the situation, risking being late for your obligations, or you could continue on and worry about it for the rest of the day. Having an automatic timer installed that will ensure that your garage door closes after a set amount of time, such as five or ten minutes, will relieve you from experiencing this particular anxiety. 

Smart technology also allows for you to receive alerts through your smartphone for when you've forgotten to close your garage door and provides you with the option of closing it remotely. However, many homeowners like the idea of the first alternative because they are not always able to check their smartphones while driving to work or school. 

Remote Guest Access

If you've got a guest arriving who you won't be able to be there to greet, you can allow them access to your garage simply by accessing a control panel on your smartphone. You can also issue a code that will provide guests with temporary access for s specified period of time. This technology is invaluable to those who have temporary rentals on their property or who receive a great deal of visits from friends and family. This lets your guests have easy access without you having to activate something in your smartphone each time they need in. 

Live Streaming

You can also live stream your garage door right from your smartphone -- even when it's dark, because this cloud-based capability comes equipped with infrared night vision that can be turned on and off through the app. You'll be able to see what's going on with and around your garage door at any time from any location on the planet that has internet access. This option comes with a high quality camera and is ideal for those who want to add an extra layer of security to their home environment. You can also set the app so that it emails or texts you a picture of the garage door at any given time. 

Automatic Door Opening

If you enjoy the convenience of being able to open your garage door simply by touching a button on your smartphone, you'll like automatic door opening capability even better. This works via proximity sensors in your smartphone that will open the garage door for you as soon as you pull into the driveway without you having to even touch your smartphone. The door will also close seamlessly behind you after you have entered the garage and parked your vehicle. 

Please feel free to contact your local garage door company at your convenience to find out more about how smart technology can enhance your garage door experience.