Get More Boost For Your Buck: 4 Tips To Get More Power Out Of Your Stock Honda

You just bought the perfect Honda, and you're ready to go fast and furious on the highway. You might even have the JDM sticker in your window already. Before you hit the road to prove how fast your car is, you'll need to make some modifications. After all, you can't hit the road in a stock Honda and expect to win your first street race. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most boost for your buck:

Upgrade the Spark Plugs

If you've got stock spark plugs in your car, you're not going to get the right amount of spark to get your car out of the starting block. Spark plugs send an electrical current directly through an electrode, which is what gives your car its initial boost of energy. If the spark plugs aren't firing properly, you're not going to get the best performance, or speed, out of your car.  The first thing you should do is upgrade your spark plugs, even if they appear to be brand new. You don't want stock spark plugs in a car you plan on racing.

Switch to Dual Exhaust

If your Honda has a single exhaust system, you want to switch to a dual-exhaust system. Dual exhaust systems allow for more exhaust to flow from your car, which increases performance and speed. You might think that you already have a dual-system, especially if you can see two tailpipes at the backend of your car. However, just because your car has two tailpipes, doesn't mean you've got a dual-exhaust system. You could have a single-exhaust system that's been divided by two tailpipes. To make sure you get an actual dual-exhaust system installed. While you're switching your exhaust system, it's a good idea to improve your air intake, as well. Adding an air intake system to your car will allow your engine to pull the additional air it will need to reach those maximum speeds you want.

Add Nitrous Oxide

Now you're ready to add the nitrous oxide boost. The right mixture of nitrous oxide, or NOS, will make your car go faster than any others on the road. Before you go out and purchase your NOS kit though, make sure you have someone who can help you install it properly. NOS kits need to be installed properly, or they can be dangerous. This is particularly true if you don't secure them completely. Once nitrous oxide gets bounced around a bit, it can become explosive.

 Up Your Octane

If you're running low-octane fuel in your Honda, you're going to get low-octane performance and speed out of the engine. Before you run your first race, you need to up your octane. The added boost will improve your performance from the moment you put your foot on the gas. Don't try adding racing fuels to your stock engine though. You'll blow out your engine. For that much power, you're going to need an entirely different upgrade.