3 Features To Look For When Shopping For An Auto Sun Visor

The sun's glare is a danger on the road, as it can prevent you from being able to see road conditions clearly or even at all. In fact, a study conducted out of Nebraska found that there was at least one glare related collision every day from 2002 to 2009. While investing in polarized sunglasses and leaving more room between you and the driver in front can help reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident, investing in a quality auto sun visor is best. Here are 3 features you should look for when shopping for a visor:

Transparency of the Material to Avoid Obstructing Vision of Road

Most manufacturers offer auto sun visors that are made from a solid material. These visors tend to obstruct your view of the road, which may make it even more dangerous to drive. Look for auto sun visors that are made from a transparent material, which will only eliminate the sun's glare without obstructing your view of the road. Visors that are made from some type of polycarbonate material tend to be the most popular, as the rigid nature of the polycarbonate also makes it quite durable and sturdy.

Size of the Visor and the Amount of Coverage It Offers

Before purchasing an auto sun visor for sale online, confirm the measurements of the sun visor to ensure that it will offer adequate coverage. Make sure that the sun visor is large enough that it can shield the top half of your face from the sun. The larger the visor, the better, as the glare from the sun can be difficult to shield when it is coming from the horizon. Measure the inside of your car to confirm that the visor isn't so big that it will keep bumping into the rear view mirror and other components of your car.

Ease of Installation through Clips or Other Measures

Consider how the auto sun visor will be attached to the car. For example, consider whether it will be attached to the rear view mirror, the existing auto sun visor or to the roof of the car. Ideally, you want to look for an auto sun visor that you can easily install and uninstall within several seconds. This allows you to easily move the auto sun visor from one car to another.


Glare from the sun can become a safety hazard when you're on the road, as it can be difficult to see ahead. A good auto sun visor can help shield your eyes from the sun's rays and allows you to drive without any interruptions. If you're unhappy with your existing auto sun visor or if you're simply looking for something new, there are plenty of different designs and styles available online.

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